Welcome to my page! I started Sarin Arkki in 2015. I do translations, proofreading, content creation, as well as offer pet boarding. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and puputati.wordpress.com.


Translations and proofreading from English to Finnish and from Finnish to English. My areas of expertise include animals, literature, film/TV and marketing.
Translations 0.16 EUR/source text word, proofreading and content creation 62 EUR/hour. Minimum charge of 25 EUR. The price always depends on the project at hand, so prices may vary. Please contact me at Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen. for more information or request an offer.

I have a Master of Arts degree from Tampere University from 2010. I majored in English Translation and minored in Comparative Literature. I am a native Finnish-speaker.

Pet boarding

Holiday boarding for rodents, rabbits and other exotic pets. Rabbits and rodents 15 EUR/day. Two pets from the same owner -50%, more than two for the price of two. Minimum fee of 25 EUR. Nail clipping (rabbits, rodents, dogs) 10 EUR/animal. Sarin Arkki is situated in Northeastern Tampere

NB! By bringing your pet to Sarin Arkki, you accept these terms: reservation fee of 25 EUR which is charged separately only if the owner cancels the reservation (otherwise it’s deducted from the boarding fee). Give notice at least two days beforehand if there are any changes to when you will bring or pick up your pet. If a pet isn’t picked up within 15 days, Sarin Arkki will rehome them. Sarin Arkki has the right to take pets to the vet at the owner’s expense if the pet’s wellbeing requires it. Food and bedding are not included in the boarding fee. Sarin Arkki cannot board pets with parasites or infectious diseases.

All prices include VAT.
Sarin Arkki is in compliance with the GDPR. Personal data is collected for customer service purposes.